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ESD Packaging: Selecting the Best Anti-Static and Static Shielding Materials

Electrosensitive devices can be impacted by a miniscule amount of ESD. This ESD is not even visible to the naked eye but can have a detrimental impact on your production process. Electrostatic discharge can cause your product to have total failure or reduced functioning. Therefore, it is important to have proper procedures and processes in place to protect your product, which includes proper ESD packaging and clothing. The packaging you select will protect your product when it is being moved into and out of ESD-protected areas (EPA). Therefore, it is important that you select the right packaging for your specific needs.

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What is ESD Clothing?

Since clothing is usually electrically insulated or isolated from the body, charges on clothing fabrics are not necessarily dissipated to the skin and then to ground. ESD jackets and lab coats offer protection from electrostatic fields generated by clothing on the user’s body.  ESD garments are worn whenever static damage is a concern. 

ESD jackets differ from common work garments because they contain a grid of conductive fibers embedded throughout the garment. The grid creates a “Faraday Cage” effect around the body of the operator, that shields charges generated from the operator’s clothing that could damage devices that are sensitive to static electricity.

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