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7100 Series Anti-Static Polyethylene Cleanroom Bags


Our 7100 Clean Anti-Static Polyethylene bags are a strong, anti-static clean packaging film. They are the most cost effective cleanroom packaging solution that is made of anti-static material. 7100 Clean Anti-Static Poly are cost effective, but still provide a good level of cleanliness, anti-static protection, strength, and ease of sealing.

7100 Series Anti-Static Polyethylene Cleanroom Bags - Clean Packaging
7100 Anti-Static Clean Poly

Common Applications

The 7100 Clean Anti-Static Poly bags are used in numerous industries. You can use them to protect your products from particle contamination down to 5 microns, and protect nearby static sensitive products. 

Our 7100 series bags have been used in a variety of industries. These bags are ideal for maintaining the cleanliness of the product inside, without risking the introduction of static to other products nearby. These bags are not static shielding bags. Static shielding means they protect the product inside from static, but instead the bag is made of an anti-static material so you can move these bags near static sensitive components without worry. 

Why Choose Bennett & Bennett?

With over 30 years of experience in cleanroom products and cleanroom design our focus is on producing the best cleanroom packaging at the best price. From start to finish our 7100 Clean Anti-Static Poly bags are produced inside a cleanroom, eliminating the risk of contamination from other products. 

Other companies may make their bags outside of a cleanroom. Only completing the final packaging inside a cleanroom, leaving room for possible particle contamination and the introduction of unwanted materials. Every step of our production process takes place inside of a cleanroom, guaranteeing a clean product to meet your needs.

Bennett & Bennett Cleanroom and Static Control Solutions

Why Choose the 7100 Clean Anti-Static Poly bags?

7100 Clean Anti-Static Poly bags are the most cost effective packaging for cleanroom applications that are made of anti-static material. 

Our material is impregnated with resin to make the material anti-static. This is the optimal way of making polyethylene anti-static. Some bags are made anti-static via the application of a slip agent. The coating of the bag with a slip agent will only make the material anti-static temporarily and can also result in product contamination. For the best anti-static protection and to maintain a clean material, we impregnate our 7100 clean anti-static poly material with resin.  

7100 Clean Anti-Static Poly is clean to level 100, provides a moisture barrier, and can be vacuum sealed. The material is anti-static, so products packaged inside can be moved around static-sensitive components without worry. The material can be vacuum sealed to temporarily prevent products from moving around. However, clean anti-static poly bags will still allow stretching when vacuum sealed and will allow oxygen inside. The 7100 material does not provide a gas barrier. 

Why Would You Choose a Different Bag?

Our 7100 Clean Anti-Static Poly bags are a cost effective cleanroom packaging made of anti-static material. However, there are a few main reasons you may want to select a different product for your operation. If you are looking for a similar material, but do not need anti-static material, we recommend our 7000 Clean Polyethylene. This material provides all the same properties but is even more cost effective if you do not need an anti-static material. 

If you are seeking to pull a strong vacuum seal on the bag, you will likely want a different product. 7100 Clean Anti-Static Poly bags are stretchy and will also transmit oxygen inside the bag. Our 7200 Clean Nylon material does not stretch as much and provides a much better gas barrier. 

Additionally, while 7100 Clean Anti-Static Poly is still very clean, it can not be made as clean as nylon. Depending on the application you are utilizing clean bags for, you may want a material that can be made cleaner.

Cleanroom Clean Packaging from Bennett & Bennett
We offer a variety of cleanroom packaging options at Bennett & Bennett.

Other Materials To Consider

7100 Clean Anti-Static Polyethylene Specifications 


Our 7100 Clean Anti-Static Poly is ISO Certified to level 100. The material also meets the electrical requirements of Type ll MIL-B-81705D. 


Our 7100 Clean Anti-Static Poly is translucent, and available in pink, clear, and blue. We offer the pink material to be ordered online, or you can contact us at [email protected] for clear or blue color. 


We offer a variety of thicknesses to be purchased online at, or you can contact us at [email protected] for custom thickness options. We currently offer our clean poly in 2 mil, 4 mil, and 6 mil thickness.


7100 Clean Anti-Static Poly bags are available for purchase on, or you can contact us for custom ordering options. We also offer the 7100 clean anti-static poly to be custom ordered as sheeting, lay-flat tubing, or center-fold. 

Have additional questions or looking for a custom quote? You can fill out our form here, or send us an email at [email protected].

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