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What is a Softwall Cleanroom?

A softwall clean room is exactly as the name implies, it has soft flexible walls rather than hard rigid walls.  And, it is typically smaller in size than a traditional hard wall clean room.  And while fixed wall clean rooms maybe the order of the day for large, more permanent manufacturing and assembly operations, softwall clean rooms are a cost effective alternative solution when size, flexibility, and possible portability are viable issues.

Softwall clean rooms are sometimes described as “prefabricated clean rooms”, “portable clean rooms”, “clean room tent-like enclosures”, etc.  But whatever you call them, they all share the same properties: relatively inexpensive, easy to install and take down, and easy to expand if necessary.

Ideal for a leased building situation

Can’t add a necessary room, since you don’t own the building?  A softwall clean room from Bennett & Bennett, Inc. is a perfect solution.  And it’s a piece of capital equipment that you own, and can take with you if you move to a new location.

Prefabricated Clean Room Design

Create a clean room within a clean room

If you need tighter classifications for certain parts of your manufacturing or assembly process, simply add a smaller room to accomplish that need.  It’s not necessary to bring a large hard-walled clean room to higher standards that are only required for one or a few operations.

Can be easily relocated

Can be moved within an existing facility, or to a new location altogether. These rooms can be easily installed in any location to provide a clean air environment wherever you may need it.Prefabricated Clean Room Design

Softwall clean rooms from Bennett & Bennett, Inc. are available in many standard sizes, and we offer custom-engineered softwall clean rooms for demanding and unique applications. Self-contained rooms are offered in ISO Class 5 through 9, or US Federal Standard 209 Class 100 through 100,000. Standard rooms are equipped with Fan Filter Units for HEPA filtration, lighting, a 4´ strip door, and solid curtain wall panels.