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Understanding Clean Room Classification

Every manufacturing environment contains some degree of airborne particles that can negatively impact your product or manufacturing process.  These contaminating particles may already be present in the environment, or they may be introduced into your manufacturing area by people or things entering into that space.

Depending on the relative sensitivity of your product or process to those contaminants, you may require a clean room for your production.  But just how clean a working environment do you require?  The answer to that question is quite simply: “How many contaminants do you need to eliminate?”

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What is a Softwall Cleanroom?

A softwall clean room is exactly as the name implies, it has soft flexible walls rather than hard rigid walls.  It is typically smaller in size than a traditional hard wall clean room.  While fixed wall clean rooms may be the order of the day for large, more permanent manufacturing and assembly operations, softwall clean rooms are a cost-effective alternative solution when size, flexibility, and possible portability are viable issues.

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