5700 Series Anti Static Mat

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Conductive ESD safe anti-fatigue mat with foam cushioning and beveled edges 9/16 inches thick. Also available without foam cushioning.

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Product Details

5700 Series Ant-Fatigue Mats reduce stress on standing workers and conduct static electricity to ground.


PropertiesTypical Values
Thickness9/16 Inches
MaterialVinyl Surface with Nitricell Sponge Base
UsesProtects Areas at risk from Static Electricity
FlammabilityA Rating per MVSS 302
Compression.415 inches at 35 PSI (ASTM D575)
Tabor Abrasion1% Loss at 10000 cycles (Fed Std 191)
Temperature Range-10F to 130F
Resistance Top-to-Top (RTT)1 x 103 to 1 x 106
Resistance to Ground (RTG)2 x 103 to 2 x 106
Coefficient of Friction.68 Dry (ASTM F1677)
ESD RatingEOS / ESD S7.1: 1 x 103 to 1 x 106


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