Table Matting

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Anti Static Mats are used to dissipate static off work surfaces- shelves, trays, tables, floors, etc.

For Sale with Real-Time Inventory on, a Bennett & Bennett Company.

Product Details

Black Conductive Bottom Layers Is Brought Into Contact with Top Anti Static Layer with the insertion of 10mm Snap sold Separately.

5300 Series Mats are static dissipative on the top, and conductive on the bottom.

Made .08″ thick they are available in standard sizes on

For custom sizing please call 937-324-1100

PropertiesUnitsTypical ValuesTest Method
ThicknessInches.08ASTM D-2103
Tensile Strength • Top Layerkg / sq. cm> 120ASTM D-412
Tensile Strength • Bottom Layerkg / sq. cm> 160ASTM D-412
Tear Strength • Top Layerkg / sq. cm> 90ASTM D-412
Tear Strength • Bottom Layerkg / sq. cm> 100ASTM D-412
Elongation • Top Layer%350ASTM D-412
Elongation • Bottom Layer%250ASTM D-412
Hardness • Top Layer50ASTM D-2240
Hardness • Bottom Layer60ASTM D-2240
Gravity • Top Layer1.3ASTM D-792
Gravity • Bottom Layer1.4ASTM D-792
Surface Resistivity • Top Layerohms / sq.< 109ASTM D-257
Surface Resistivity • Bottom Layerohms / sq.< 105ASTM D-257
Volume Resistivity • Top Layerohms / sq.< 108ASTM D-257
Volume Resistivity • Bottom Layerohms / sq.< 104ASTM D-257
Static Decayseconds< 0.01EIA-541
Temperature ToleranceFahrenheit / Celsius187F / 86C


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