Table Matting

  • Anti Static Mats are used to dissipate static off work surfaces- shelves, trays, tables, floors, etc.
  • 5300 Series Mats are static dissipative on the top, and conductive on the bottom
  • .08″ thick
  • For Sale with Real-Time Inventory on, a Bennett & Bennett Company.
  • For custom sizing please call 937-324-1100
PropertiesUnitsTypical ValuesTest Method
ThicknessInches.08ASTM D-2103
Tensile Strength • Top Layerkg / sq. cm> 120ASTM D-412
Tensile Strength • Bottom Layerkg / sq. cm> 160ASTM D-412
Tear Strength • Top Layerkg / sq. cm> 90ASTM D-412
Tear Strength • Bottom Layerkg / sq. cm> 100ASTM D-412
Elongation • Top Layer%350ASTM D-412
Elongation • Bottom Layer%250ASTM D-412
Hardness • Top Layer50ASTM D-2240
Hardness • Bottom Layer60ASTM D-2240
Gravity • Top Layer1.3ASTM D-792
Gravity • Bottom Layer1.4ASTM D-792
Surface Resistivity • Top Layerohms / sq.< 109ASTM D-257
Surface Resistivity • Bottom Layerohms / sq.< 105ASTM D-257
Volume Resistivity • Top Layerohms / sq.< 108ASTM D-257
Volume Resistivity • Bottom Layerohms / sq.< 104ASTM D-257
Static Decayseconds< 0.01EIA-541
Temperature ToleranceFahrenheit / Celsius187F / 86C


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