ESD Continuous Monitor


Enclosed in a durable metal case with built-in mounting brackets, the monitors can be installed underneath tabletops to save workspace. The metal casing prevents ambient RFID or ESM signals from interfering with their operation (unlike plastic-encased monitors).

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The Elimstat Continuous Monitor sends out a signal through the wrist strap that detects the capacitance of the person and ground. When both are present, the monitor goes into an unalarmed state. If the electrical connection to the person or to ground should fail, the circuit will go into the alarm state to signal there is a problem.

Per ANSI/ESD S1.1 Annex A.3 “Daily (wrist strap system) testing may be omitted if constant monitoring is used.”

Per ESD Handbook ESD TR20.20 section “Typical Test programs recommend that wrist straps that are used daily should be tested daily. However, if the products that are being produced are of such value that knowledge of a continuous, reliable ground is needed, then continuous monitoring should be considered or even required.”


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