8100 Shielding Bag

8100 Shielding Bag

Made to provide a conductive Faraday Cage around electronics inside the bag. 8100 shielding bags are made from Polyester, Aluminum, and Static Dissipative Polyethylene with a Static Dissipative Coating. Bags are available with open or reclosable ends. RoHS and Reach compliant.

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Product Details

Material: Static Dissipative Coating, Polyester, Aluminum, and Static Dissipative Polyethylene

Available As: Open or Reclosable Bags

Heat Sealing: Product is suitable for automatic bag-making machines:

Temperature – 250⁰F – 375⁰F

Time – 0.5-3.5 seconds

Pressure – 30-70 P.S.I.

Further Information:

Static Shielding Bags are constructed of plastic and aluminum in a pattern known as “metal-in”.

The “metal-in” layer is composed of ESD shielding aluminum laminate that provides a conductive Faraday Cage around electronics inside the bag. This is what stops electrostatic discharges (ESD) from entering it.

The anti static outer layers are made of static free polyethylene (PE) and polyester (PET). These prevent the bag from charging when it rubs against other surfaces.

All static shielding bags sold on Elimstat.com are lead-free, contain no amines, N-Octanoic acid, or heavy metals. This keeps them in compliance with RoHS and REACH.

They have no effect on aluminum, copper, silver, SN-Pb coated foil, stainless steel or low-carbon steel.


Physical Properties:

PropertiesTest MethodValue
ThicknessPST #0013.1 mil
YieldPST #0029,000 Sq. in/lb
Puncture ResistanceFTMS 101C Method 2065>12 lbs
Tearing InitiationASTM – D -1004 – 94A>2 lbs.
Seam StrengthASTM – D – 882>12 lbs. /in
Tensile StrengthASTM – D88215 lbs./in
Burst (Mullen)ASTM – D – 77482 psi
HazeASTM – D – 10034%
Optical DensityASTM – D – 10030.35 – 0.45

Electrical Properties:

PropertiesTest MethodValue
Surface ResistivityASTM D-257 @ 15% RH< 1012 Ohms / Square
ESD ResistanceANSI/ ESD STM 11.11< 1011 Ohms / Square
Static ShieldingEOS / ESD S11.31< 10 nJ
Electrostatic DecayFTMS 101 Method 40460.01 Seconds
Capacitance ProbeMIL-PRF-81705D, EIA 541< 10 volts Difference
TransparencyASTM D 100340% (Bar Code scans through bag)
Corrosion | OutgassingMIL-STD-3010, M3005 | ASTM E595Non-Corrosive | Pass
Amines, N-Octanoic Acid, Heavy MetalsRoHS, REACHNot Present / Recyclable


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