Aerostat® PC 2 Blower

From: $859.00

• Integrates with Simco-Ion’s patented Facility Monitoring System (FMS)
• Ideal for assembly, test and packaging areas


Input Voltage 120 VAC, 60 Hz; 2.0A, 250W, fuse 2.5A 250V Slo-Blo
Discharge Time2 seconds @ 1 Foot (30 cm); fan high (1000v to 100v)
Coverage1 foot (W) x 4 foot (L) (30 x 122 cm) area
Ion EmissionMicropulse AC Ionizaton
EmittersStainless Steel
IndicatorsGreen POWER on, red FAN alarm, red FAULT alarm LEDs
Audible AlarmFault and Fan stall (optional)
FMS ConnectorRJ-9 4P/4C receptacle, relay contact rated +/- 24 VDC @ 0.2A max
Air Volume129 cfm (high fan speed)
Air Velocity370 fpm @ 12 inches; 240 fpm @ 24 inches; 120 fpm @ 48 inches (high fan)
Audible Noise61 dB (low fan speed); 64 dB (high fan speed) measured 2 feet in front of blower
Ozone<0.05 ppm measured @ 1 foot (305 mm) in front of blower
Operating EnvironmentTemperature 50-95 Fahrenheit (10-35 Celsius); humidity 30-60% RH, non-condensing
Mounting StandPowder-coated aluminum with skid-resistant rubber feet.
EnclosurePowder-coated aluminum
Air Filter30 ppi open cell foam filter with bracket (optional)
Dimensions9.1 inches (H), 6.8 inches (W), 3.3 inches (D) with stand; (23.1H x 17.3W x 8.4D cm) with stand
Weight2.8 lbs (1.25 kg) with stand with skid-resistant rubber feet
WarrantyTwo-year limited warranty

Micropulse Technology

The Aerostat PC2 utilizes MicroPulse technology applied to an emitter system for optimal performance. MicroPulse technology reduces ion recombination at the emitter, thus increasing production efficiency and performance. Using this breakthrough technology, the Aerostat XC2 maintains long-term peak performance and balance stability for extended periods between cleanings.

The only maintenance required for the Aerostat XC2 is periodic cleaning of the emitter points using the easy, built-in push button. The cleaning mechanism slides over the emitter points, removing any debris and ensuring balanced, continuous ion output.


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