• Curtains are made to the dimensions of your cleanroom and overlapped to prevent particle contamination inside the cleanroom.
  • Hook Bead is used on the top of curtains so that they can be slid into the tracks of their frame.
  • Available in strip and panel varieties
  • Available in Anti Static, Standard Vinyl, and Polysim
  • RFQ and more information:

Anti Static & Standard Vinyl Material Specifications

Standard Properties SpecificationTest Method
Hardness Durometer79AASTM D-2240
Tensile Strength %2400 ASTM D-412
Ultimate Elongation %350ASTM D-412
Ultimate Tear PSI440ASTM D-1004
100% Module PSI 1400ASTM D-412
Brittle Temperature-36˚F / -38˚C
Min. Operating Temperature0˚F / -17˚ C
Specific Gravity1.21
UV StabilityExcellent
Flame Test (UL)PassUV 94 V-O
Flame Test (NFPA)PassNFPA 701 Small Scale
Surface Resistivity< 1012ASTM D-257

Polysim™ Material Specifications
Standard PropertiesSpecification Test Method
Hardness Durometer90A/47DASTM D-2240
Tensile Strength %3800ASTM D-412
Ultimate Elongation %450ASTM D-412
Ultimate Tear PSI ASTM D-1004
100% Module PSI1200ASTM D-412
Brittle Temperature0˚F / -17˚C
Min. Operating Temperature 32˚F / 0˚ C
Specific Gravity1.16
UV StabilityGood
Flame Test (UL)PassUV 94 V-O
Flame Test (NFPA)PassNFPA 701 Small Scale
Flame Test (ASTM) 10ASTM E-84 Class 1
Smoke Test (ASTM)180ASTM E-84 Class 1
Surface Resistivity< 1012ASTM D-257


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