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Softwall Cleanroom Curtains

Softwall Cleanroom Curtains are available in the strip as well as panel varieties. Available Anti Static as well as in Standard Vinyl and Polysim™.

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Hook Bead is used on the top of curtains so that they can be slid into the tracks of their frame.

Curtains are made to the dimensions of your cleanroom and overlapped to prevent particle contamination inside the cleanroom.


Anti Static & Standard Vinyl Material Specifications

Standard Properties SpecificationTest Method
Hardness Durometer79AASTM D-2240
Tensile Strength %2400 ASTM D-412
Ultimate Elongation %350ASTM D-412
Ultimate Tear PSI440ASTM D-1004
100% Module PSI 1400ASTM D-412
Brittle Temperature-36˚F / -38˚C
Min. Operating Temperature0˚F / -17˚ C
Specific Gravity1.21
UV StabilityExcellent
Flame Test (UL)PassUV 94 V-O
Flame Test (NFPA)PassNFPA 701 Small Scale
Surface Resistivity< 1012ASTM D-257

Polysim™ Material Specifications

Standard PropertiesSpecification Test Method
Hardness Durometer90A/47DASTM D-2240
Tensile Strength %3800ASTM D-412
Ultimate Elongation %450ASTM D-412
Ultimate Tear PSI ASTM D-1004
100% Module PSI1200ASTM D-412
Brittle Temperature0˚F / -17˚C
Min. Operating Temperature 32˚F / 0˚ C
Specific Gravity1.16
UV StabilityGood
Flame Test (UL)PassUV 94 V-O
Flame Test (NFPA)PassNFPA 701 Small Scale
Flame Test (ASTM) 10ASTM E-84 Class 1
Smoke Test (ASTM)180ASTM E-84 Class 1
Surface Resistivity< 1012ASTM D-257


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