7000 Clean Poly


7000 Clean Poly

Made of Virgin Barefoot Custom Polyethylene the 7000 series cleanroom bags are clean to level 100. Available as bags, sheeting, or tubing the 7000 series is FDA approved

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Product Details

Material: Virgin Barefoot Custom Polyethylene

Available As: Bags, sheeting, and Lay-flat tubing

Clarity: Transparent

Heat Sealing: Product is suitable for automatic bag-making machines:

Temperature – 250⁰F – 375⁰F

Time – 0.5-3.5 seconds

Pressure – 30-70 P.S.I.

Class Cleanliness Level: Level 100

Sizes: Bag Width – 2” and up

Bag Length – any length


PropertiesTest MethodValue
ThicknessCaliper2 mils – 8 mils
Puncture ResistanceASTM – D3420250 to 700 gm
Tearing StrengthASTM – D100418000 psi at break
Elongation MDASTM D-882>550%
Tensile StrengthASTM – D8822000 to 3000 psi at break
Burst (Mullen)ASTM D-143420 – 60 psi
Dart ImpactASTM D-88220 – 60 psi
Seal StrengthASTM – D88220 – 60 psi


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