Elimstat Micro Blower


Elimstat Micro Blower

The Elimstat Micro ionizing air blower utilizes steady-state DC corona ion technology across 6 stainless steel emitters. Its small footprint allows it to be mounted inside machine enclosures and locations with restricted surface mount area. Available with variable Speeds (21 and 42 Cubic Feet per Minute).

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Air Volume Output (Low)21 Cubic Feet Per Minute (Low Speed)
Air Volume Output (High)42 Cubic Feet Per Minute (High Speed)
Effective Coverage1 x 3 Feet
Discharge Time 2.0 Seconds @ 12 Feet (1000V to 100V)
Offset Voltage 0 +/- 10V
Emitter Points 6 Stainless Steel Emitter Points
Operating Temperature 32⁰-122⁰F / 0⁰-50⁰C
Audible Noise52 dB (A) MAX
Dimension2 7/8 Inches (Width) X 5 3/8 Inches (Height) X 2 3/8 Inches (Depth) (98 x 136 x 60 mm)
Weight1.1 Lbs / 0.5 Kg


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