Elimstat Blow Off Gun | Hand Held

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• Blow off ionizing guns are used to remove particles and electric charges held in place by static

• Reduces 1000 volts to 100 volts in 1.5 seconds when placed 6 inches from target @ 30 PSI (lowest setting)

• .01 Micron Filter on Single Emitter Point

For Sale with Real-Time Inventory on Elimstat.com, a Bennett & Bennett Company.


AirCompressed Clean Dry Air or Nitrogen
Air Filter0.01 micron filter at the exit of the gun meets ISO 14644-1
Class 5 and 209E Class 100 Cleanroom standards
Discharge Time1.5 seconds @ 6 inches and 30 PSI (1000v to 100v)
Operating Voltage120 Volts
Size of Controller/ Power Supplly6.45″ (height) x 5.20″ (width) x 3.35″ (depth)
Length of Cable/ Hose 7 feet
Gun Weight6.5 oz
Gun MaterialStatic Dissipative Polycarbonate ABS Blend
Air Flow at 30 PSI2.4 Cubic Feet per Minute
Air Flow at 60 PSI4.6 Cubic Feet per Minute
Air Flow at 100 PSI7.4 Cubic Feet per Minute


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