5750 Series Conductive Vinyl Mat

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5750 Series Conductive Matting is made from durable semi-rigid virgin vinyl. Ideal for floor runners, shelf liners, and work stations that require heavier objects to slide across them. Available as cut mats or rolls.

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Product Details

5750 Series Conductive Mats are made from durable rigid vinyl that can be used as floor matting or as shelf liner, even for wire rack shelving.

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Roll Availability

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• 3′ x 75′ rolls
• 4′ x 75′ rolls

When used as floor runner or tray liner the rigidity of the 5750 series allows heavier objects to move across its surface while providing a conductive path-to-ground for static charges.


PropertiesTypical Values
Thickness0.090 Inches
MaterialSingle layer of Conductive Vinyl
UsesProtects Areas at risk from Static Electricity
Tensile Strength450 minimum (lb/in2)
Tear Strength75 minimum (lb/in)
Durometer HardnessShore “A” 80 ± 5
Temperature Range-20F to 160F
Resistance Top-to-Top (RTT)< 1 x 106 (ohms)
Resistance to Ground (RTG)< 1 x 106 (ohms)
Coefficient of Friction0.36
ESD RatingEOS / ESD S7.1: 1 x 103 to 1 x 10 6


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