7200 Clean Nylon


7200 Clean Nylon

Made of 2 Mil of clear nylon the 7200 series meets NASA JSCM 5322 Specifications. The 7200 series is available in bags or tubing.

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Product Details

Material: Nylon 6

Available As: Bags and Tubing

Clarity: Transparent


PropertiesTest MethodValue
Width Caliper2 mils
MVTRASTM F 124936.5 gms / 100 sq.in / 24 hrs / 90%
OTR MDASTM F 19271.85 at 50% R.H 73⁰F
OTR TDASTM F 19276.35 at 90% R.H 73⁰F
Tensile MDASTM D 88217,200 psi at break
Tensile TDASTM D 88220,600 psi at break


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